• Google’s new feature will correct your pronunciation

    If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you might know how to properly say “Leviosa.” But many muggles don’t know how to pronounce that, and other difficult words.

    No worries. Google’s new feature will help you pronounce tricky words just directly from the search results. All you have to do is type “How do you pronounce” followed by the words you want help with. Google will show you how to pronounce the word with audio. You can even use your phone’s mic to practice the word.

    Google says it divides these words into individual soundbites to help you understand its utterance. Then it uses machine learning to gauge how accurate your pronunciation is.

    The company is also adding visual elements like pictures and illustrations to the search when you look for a particular word’s definition. This feature is available in English and across all translations.

    The pronunciation feature is currently available in American English, with support for Spanish coming soon.

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